Our members are internationally renowned for their research into supporting and shaping explosion and fire safety in industry, and greener and sustainable chemical processes

Key member: Professor Basu Saha


Researching Advanced Materials and sustainability, focusing on nanotechnology

Key members: Professor Hari Upadhyaya

                         Associate Professor Suela Kellici


We conduct advanced research on a broad range of biomedical engineering, energy, wireless communications, imaging and information technologies

Key members: Professor Mohammad Ghavami

                         Professor Tasos Dagiuklas

                         Professor Sandra Dudley


Researching the environmental impact and carbon emissions associated with refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology

Key member: Professor Judith Evans


Developing robotics for a safer world

Key member: Professor Tariq Sattar

                        Professor Osman Tokhi

                        Dr. Gabriela Gallegos


Our vision is to enable enterprising engineers by embedding enterprise into engineering education and industrial practice

Key member: Professor Simon P Philbin


Big data is the analysis of extremely large data sets to discover and reveal patterns, trends and associations. The group researches big data informatics technology, drawing on pivotal scientific traditions in Computer Science, Engineering and Business, whilst also working collaboratively with both the research community and industry.

Key member: Dr Daqing Chen


Our principle aims are to design, manufacture and evaluate virtual and physical prototypes, products, services and systems, placing user experience at the heart of engineering innovations to improve overall performance, efficiency and sustainability. Our team merges specialists with a wide range of expertise in product design, transport design and engineering.

Key member: Dr Deborah Andrews


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