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Future Energy Sources

  • Super Heterojunction SJHT and NGPV

  • Super Heterojunction ALD Solar Cell

  • Super Heterojunction PERC (ALD) Solar Cells

  • SJHT and RIE (Reactive Ion Etching) Apparatus and Methods for Producing Efficiently Trapping Light in Silicon Solar Cells

  • SJHT and AIE (Active Imprinting and Etching) Efficiency Enhancement and Trapping Light Apparatus and Methods for Producing in Solar PV Module 

  • MOST&AI_Molecular Solar Power Storage

  • MOSRecovery Optimized System of Solar Energy Production

  • Photochromic Vacuum Glazing CNTL-SUBZ-STPVE-VG

  • Laser Light and New Ways of Illuminating Our Environment

  • Heterojunction Solar Cell Including Conductive Amorphous Semiconductor Layer and Cat-CVD Method of Manufacturing Solar Cell

  • Heterojunction Solar Cell including Transparent Conductive Oxide Layer and Hybrid RPD/PVD Method of Manufacturing Solar Cell

  • Heterojunction + PsK Hybridization of Advanced Solar Cells

  • Opto-Thermal Efficiency Enhancement of Heterojunction VIA Surface Passivation and Carrier Transport

  • Plasma Energy Source process Monitoring System


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