London South Bank University and S&ICI  place vast importance on physical laboratory space with dedicated hardware and software facilities to accommodate the collaborative research. Highlights include:

Advanced materials laboratories.

We have a number of facilities particularly in materials discovery, thin film and materials manufacturing facilities. Our capacities included small-scale production, through to 3D printing and larger scale prototyping. We have a track record of vacuum-based processing and have a number of deposition setups such as exploiting chemical vapour type routes. The applications are broad and range from coating biomedical devices, production of antennas through to photovoltaic devices. 


Bioengineering laboratories.


We have a range of capabilities, with our strengths employing in-house RF characterisation using a dedicated 40GHz anechoic chamber (35m2). EMC testing, RF imaging and antenna characterisation are carried out here alongside modeling software such as CST and COMSOL. The chamber also contains 3D manipulation equipment and dedicated User Interfaces for remote testing. Applications include studies in skin, bone and cancerous tissue. We additionally house a range of mechanical testing equipment across a wide range of loading conditions and extensive 3D printing facilities for bioinspired and biomimetic studies.


Cognitive systems laboratories.


This theme is growing and is broad, ranging from newly established cybersecurity laboratories towards extensive robotics laboratories, with strengths both in software and the use of sensing in robotic systems. Many of the facilities include high performance computing and collaborate with energy and bioengineering themes.


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