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About S&ICI

The Science and Innovation Centre for Industry (S&ICI) is a fully owned LSBU (UK) entity, leading in the development of projects with our members.  All projects are developed through genuine and realistic collaboration with clear business models, employing state-of-the-art technologies, products and services for global impact, closing the gap between the scientific community and industry.

Our aim is to grow, diversify and bring about responsible knowledge transfer, value and technology on a global offer to our members worldwide.

London South Bank University’s long history and our innovative solutions helped to establish S&ICI as an outstanding technology and solution providers by continually reaching out with new concepts to succeed in the global marketplace. We appreciate the trust bestowed on us by our qualified investors and members. We intend on delivering technology solutions through S&ICI’s activities in the Asia, Africa, Central America, Middle East and the USA.


Since its inception in 2019, S&ICI has grown by strategically investing in Solar, Energy Storage, Air Project, AI&AIV and tomorrow’s Smart Cities and Smart Mobilities. By creating new opportunities in these sectors, S&ICI will make valuable contributions to the economic development in a global manner, helping to realise innovations with global impacts to be funded while providing upscaling resources and expertise towards successful industrialization while rewarding our academic and scientific staff.

At the heart of S&ICI operations is a team of highly qualified professionals from around the world, with a variety of skills and perspectives, each of whom was chosen for their commitment to excellence and dedication. We draw from this tremendous source of talent that is committed to the satisfaction of our investors on projects of profound significance to our world. We are proud of introducing significant expertise within our members in the new era of worldwide equipment suppliers ranging from state of the art Artificial Intelligent and intelligent manufacturing methods into our production process pilot lines.


We adheres to the seven principles of the Concordat for Research Integrity (2009) which requires all research to be carried out with: Excellence; Honesty; Integrity; Cooperation; Accountability; the development of Training and Skills; and Safety.

Our policy on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice sets out the principles of Good Scientific Practice; the structure and environment requirements for research; the education and training needs of researchers; handling of primary research data; responsibility for publication and matters relating to Integrity and Standards in Public Life.


Joint Technology Initiative

On Each Technology
We own the expertise, knowledge and innovation (Private Public Partnership)


On Membership
We offer open consortium of companies, research institutions and


On R&D&I to Spinout and to JTI
We combine demand driven research and innovation across the entire chain via a multi-year work program
•Spinout and funding
•International JTI with global funds and private investors
(contribution at least 40%, in cash and in kind)